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Cross the Street Ministry (C.T.S)

“Cross THE Street – Tell YOUR Story – Change A Life”

CTS exists to take the love of Christ’s redemptive story beyond the walls of our church
building and community. We believe that the power of reaching those who are far from
Christ lies in the graceful content of our unique personal stories. Anyone who has
received the Lord as their Savior is qualified, obligated, and divinely positioned to tell
their redemptive story to everyone within their designated sphere of influence.
Our passion is to train and equip the community of believers to cross the street and
impact those who are far from God with the greatest story ever written. “God so loved
the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not
perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)
We believe that the grace and power of God’s love is best demonstrated when we share
our personal redemptive story. People might refute the inerrant word of God, but no one
can argue or deny your personal experience with God the Father. We encourage the
community to seize the opportunity to share their undeniable redemptive story.

Scripture is clear that “One plants, another waters, but in the end, it’s God that causes
the fruit of salvation to bud.” (I Cor 3:6) Come join us, and let God use your redemptive
story to reconcile lost people to His immeasurable love. Don’t you think it’s time to
“Cross the Street?”

Our Cultural Code of Conduct for CTS:
 To reach people who are alienated from the love of God. We “Cross the Street”
and meet people where they are and engage them with our story of grace.
 To Restore by helping people to pursue wholeness, intimacy, honesty, and
forgiveness, no matter who they are.
 To Build with people who desire to live as a believing community. Discipleship is
the intentional method of helping the community to apprehend His purpose for
our individual lives. Collectively we will make a powerful difference in a fractured
 To Release individuals/teams of equipped believers to impact the culture,
community and surrounding regions. By bringing the power of Christ’s
redemptive story, we can change our broken sense of humanity in all spheres of

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