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Get to Know Us

Committed to Spiritual Enlightenment

We dare not attempt to sell you on perfection here at Legacy Community Church. We
are an eclectic group of broken pieces who happen to believe that despite our
brokenness, the God of Grace is forever using every aspect of our lives to bring us into
redemptive wholeness. We do not have it all worked out, nor do we profess to have it
all together. We passionately, fervently and intentionally aspire to wrestle with our own
humanity and each other in the graceful context of His truth and His profound love.

We offer you Jesus Christ, the Master of Pieces, whose sole aim is to take our broken
pieces and create a “Masterpiece,” to present to a broken world! We invite you to take a
walk with us beyond your world, and step into the world of grace and redemption, and
see how we intentionally press beyond imperfections to apprehend His wholeness for
our lives.

We exist solely to promote His uncompromising message by intentionally practicing His
word to impact the culture, community and world with His presence with the aim of
getting people ready to encounter His return.

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