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Men's Ministry


Sons Evolving into Kingdom Men

Our primary mission is to provide a place (a safe haven) for men to “actualize” all that
the Father has predestined them to become. We believe that “sonship” must become
the primary origin of a man’s identity if he is to evolve into what is scripturally defined as
a “kingdom man.” Before Jesus embarked and executed His mission as the Son of God,
He was first “affirmed” by His Father in heaven as the son of man. (Matthew 3:17 &
17:5) In both cases, the Father in heaven makes a loving, but profound statement of
‘affirmation,’ “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

As sons learning to become “kingdom men” we depend upon what we call “the power of
the other.” No son can become a “kingdom man,” without the loving affirmation of
another man’s voice and presence in his life. To that end, we embrace accountability
and the following cultural and generational codes of conduct:

 Honor Jesus Christ through prayer, worship and obedience to His Word through

the power of the Holy Spirit

 Intentionally seek to build strong marriages, families, and other relationships

through love and grace of God.

 Reach beyond any racial, cultural, generational and denominational barriers to

demonstrate the power of biblical unity. (John 13:35)

 Intentionally pursue vital, trusting relationships with other Christian men,

understanding that we all need each other to hold us firmly to the principle of

spiritual growth. (Proverbs 27:17)

 Support the mission/vision of your church community by praying for your pastors

and leaders, and by actively giving of your time, talents and treasures.

 To reach people who are alienated from the love of God the Father with the

“power of your personal story” of change. (Mark 16:15 & I Peter 3:15)

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